Our Mission

To help youth and service members identify, strengthen, & use their inherent abilities, talents, and skills to bring positive change to themselves and future generations. 

At Mindset we truly believe that every youth age eight to eighteen can achieve great things!  It is not an accident or coincidence that you are here - with the correct attitude and mindset all things are possible.  Through positive exposure and encouragement towards available opportunities, we believe in both children and service member's future alike.

Youth and adults can begin now, and start to find new possibilities for the future.  Regardless of current handicaps in their lives, financial challenges, or past failures - at Mindset youth from age eight to eighteen and active service members/veterans can expand their personal dreams and be victorious in life!


MindSet was founded in 2008 inspired by the lives and example set by Louis and Vivian Menendez. Their legacy is carried on by their son Sterling 'Silver' Menendez. Sterling and his team are dedicated to continuing the tradition of his parents - motivating, inspiring and assisting under privileged kids for over twenty years by taking them to Disney World without any outside support. Since then we have expanded our mission to help service members and job seekers. We understand that in order to reach and impact more youth and individual's lives we need support from the community and outside partners.

Louis worked three jobs to send his kids to school and was only late for work two times in twenty-six years. Vivian was a charge nurse over an operating room and a favorite with the medical staff. They were selected to go to Africa to assist with HIV awareness.

Before Vivian's home going in 2014 both her and Louis offered communion to the elderly and sick at hospitals weekly. Louis has 'old school' values and his three rules for youth are:  1) exercise 2) clean your room and 3) read the Bible daily.

After being displaced by Hurricane Katrina and losing all their material possessions, they started over in Houston and continued giving back to the community even more.


Sterling Menendez - Executive Director

Peggie Taylor - Operations Lead

Hilary Menendez - Event Planner